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Board of Civil Authority

Whiting BCA

The members of the Board of Civil Authority include members of the Select Board, the elected Justices of the Peace, and the Town Clerk.

The BCA has the following responsibilities:

  • reviewing and approving applications for addition to the voter checklist;

  • purging the checklist every two years;

  • to provide help with running elections (such as assistance during voting hours, tallying ballots at the close of the election); and

  • hearing grievances from taxpayers (if the taxpayer disagrees with the Board of Listers decision on the property assessment).


Meetings are held at the Town Clerk’s Office, 29 S. Main St., Whiting, VT as necessary and are called by the Town Clerk. These meetings are warned.

The public is welcome.

Minutes - January 29, 2024

Minutes – April 17th, 2023

Minutes – January 18, 2023

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