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Planning Commission

Whiting Planning Commission


The Planning Commission has authority to plan for the future needs of the communities, which may be addressed in drafting and maintaining a current municipal plan and identifying tools, regulatory and non-regulatory, to implement the plan.

In support of that role, the planning commission has powers to:

  • prepare and recommend a capital budget

  • undertake capacity studies and make recommendations on matters of land development, urban renewal, transportation, and economic and social development

  • require information from other departments of the municipality that relates to the work of the planning commission

  • participate in a regional planning program

  • retain staff and consultant assistance, and

  • perform such other tasks as it may deem necessary or appropriate to fulfill the duties and obligations imposed by Chapter 117 of Title 24.


The planning commission solicits public input, weighs options and makes policy decisions, some of which will chart the future of the community and which may eventually have the force and effect of law. It endeavors to represent all members and interests of the community.

To get on the Planning Commission agenda call the Town Clerk at 802-623-7813 or email the Planning Commission at


Planning Commission Meeting Minutes



Steven Quenneville, Chair 
Heather Bouchard
Greg Coleman
Bob Wood
Beverly Freeguard

Town of Whiting 
Attn: Planning Commission
29 S. Main St.
Whiting, VT 05778

Call: 802–623-7813
Fax: 802-623-7815 Email:

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